Life Insurance

To cover your mortgage repayment and inheritance costs in the event of death.
To cover your mortgage or provide you with a payout in the event of permanent invalidity (If you are registered in the social system in Spain).
To cover inheritance costs if your mortgage is paid off and you are leaving your property to family members.
To leave a lump sum to your family to help them with day to day living costs.

House Insurance

Apartment, Townhouse or Villa, we at Ferdiesa Insurance can tailor make policies to suit you, whether you are an Owner or a Tenant.

We know that different needs mean different policies. That is why make sure we meet your specific needs correctly and can cover you:

  • If you own your property and it is your permanent home.

  • If you own your property and use it as a holiday home.

  • If you own your property and you let it out long term.

  • If you own your property and you let it out short term.

  • If you are a tenant and want to cover liability to the owner and your contents.

Family Assistance Funeral Insurance

Leave your family or friends with peace of mind.

Our main Funeral/Family Assistance Insurance that we provide is a common service used here in Spain; once you pass, everything can be put into action with one phone call to the company.

Very often it would be the hospital that would call, or your beneficiary. The company would then call in a Funeral Director to take care of everything. The Funeral directors would speak to the beneficiary and from there arrange the coffin, incineration, and service or not as per your wishes.

The Funeral Directors also arrange the legal side i.e. death certificate is provided to the beneficiary. Your ashes would also be delivered to your beneficiary afterwards.

By having the Funeral/Family Assistance Insurance it means that all the bills for the above will be covered and your family and friends do not need to worry about any finances while grieving your loss.

We have two options for this insurance: 

  • A Family Assistance annual insurance policy, this is where you pay a premium every year and you are on cover from 22 days after the contract is made.
  • Prima Unica, this is where you pay for your funeral (outright) upfront. This is more suitable for over 70 years and you are on immediate cover.

For more information on the above plans and what is covered, or for information on other plans we have available please do not hesitate to contact us as we are happy to discuss which best suits you.

Vehicle Insurance

Every level of cover for your car, van, 4×4, motorbikes and mopeds.

We at Ferdiesa can insure you no matter your age or how long you have been driving for as long as you have a valid driving licence.

We can even insure historical vehicles or vehicles with a UK registration plates.

The three levels of cover available are as follows:

Third Party Only with breakdown assistance, this is your basic insurance which is the minimum cover any vehicle in Spain is required to have by law.  This covers any damage to third party vehicles that have been caused by your vehicle, medical costs relating to any injuries suffered during a road accident and roadside assistance.

Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover with breakdown assistance, which covers any damage to third party vehicles that have been caused by your vehicle, medical costs relating to any injuries suffered during a road accident, damage caused by fire or theft of your vehicle and roadside assistance. This usually includes windscreen cover. This is the most common insurance for vehicles 12 years old or more.

Fully comprehensive Cover with breakdown assistance, which covers the same as above plus any damage to your own vehicle.  This also includes Windscreen and glass cover.

Multi-Policy Discounts

Receive discounts when you have more than one policy with us.

If you already have insurance policies with us at Ferdiesa Insurance then we automatically add Multi-Policy Discounts with each new quote.

Guaranteed Pension Plans

Save for your Pension
and in the meantime receive tax relief.

  • You know that you can set up a guaranteed pension plan here in Spain and put in as little as 300EUR per year.
  • This will help top up your state pension if you are on a part time contract or autónomo.
  • When you reach retirement age you can chose to receive the cash as a lump sum or have it paid to you monthly.
  • In the meantime you can reap the benefits of tax relief on what you put in each year up to 8000EUR.

Private Health Insurance

Individual or family policies, full cover or with co-payments, we have the right cover for you.

Why chose private health insurance?:

  • To avoid waiting times to see a Dr or specialist should you become ill.
  • To see a Dr or specialist who speaks your language, and if they don’t a translator is provided by the private  clinic / hospital at no extra cost to you.
  • To give you access to health care if you fall in the age group where you have finished working but are unable to claim social health care until the national retirement age.
  • To obtain residency or TIE.

Other Insurance

We can provide insurance for almost anything, just send us an email for more information.

Aside from your everyday insurances we also provide:

  • Pet Insurance
  • European and Worldwide Travel Insurance
  • Civil responsibility insurance for most business activities
  • Boat Insurance for private or business vessels
  • Commercial insurance for business large or small in almost every industry
  • Civil responsibility insurance for Dangerous dogs
  • Civil responsibility for mobility scooters
  • and much more.

A Bit About Us

Ferdiesa Insurance have been successfully meeting the needs of our clients in Tenerife, the Canarias and Spain since 2006. Our dedicated agents specialise in personal and business insurances. We don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach and work with you to provide tailor made insurance policies to suit your needs. Our team is here to identify our clients specific insurance demands and ensure they have the best covers at the best prices.

Contact us for your competitive quotations.




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